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Monday, April 18, 2016

Food Diary #3 - Eating vegan and gluten-free in LA

It's time for another weekly food diary! Would you like to see more ideas for healthy, vegan and gluten-free meals? Check it out :)

Baked veggies with quinoa - super delicious and healthy!

Gluten-free bread with green onion and vegan Violife cheese

Banan Ice Cream with Dandy Blend - tastes like coffee ice cream!

Chocolate and almond butter (this one is the best) - simply love it :)

Sunflower butter

Added some coconut sugar to make it sweeter - good choice!

Found this healthy pastry in Whole Foods - was pretty good :)

We were making grape jelly for first time :)

So much work...

Airport and my super satisfying snack - Bobo's Oat Bar :) Keep me full for so long - it's amazing!

dr Praeger's burger with tomatoes

Baked potatoes

Acai bowl!

Green paleo smoothie - do you want recipe for it? :)

Freezing 30 pounds of bananas :D

One of the worst vegan burgers I've ever eaten ;)

Vegan and gluten-free Mac&Cheese - it was okay..

I had to add some extra flavoring [this nutritional yeats]) ;)

Coconut ice cream - yummy!

My favorite green smoothie bowl - recipe will be up soon!

Strawberry oatmeal

And smoothie bowl again :)

Chai Latte with almond milk

Cauliflower steak at Cafe Gratitude

Acai Bowl at Rawberri

Super tasty chocolate!

Baked veggies with quinoa and :)

My favorite one Bobo's Oat Bar! Chocolate Almond :)

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