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Friday, April 29, 2016

Food Diary #4 - Eating vegan and gluten-free in California

It's time for another weekly food diary! Would you like to see more ideas for healthy, vegan and gluten-free meals? Check it out :)

Grilled eggplant with Marinara sauce + nutritional yeast - [you can buy it here]

Smoothie bowl - recipe here

Green Thai Curry

And again my fav green smoothie bowl :)

Something perfect for me!

Another healthy treat found in Whole Foods!

Whole section full of healthy desserts and snack - heaven :)

That's the worst vegan rice whip cream - do not buy it! Seriously ;)

Quinoa Burrito at Cafe Gratitude

It was super good!

Chocolate and the best Justin's Almond Butter

Vegan and gluten-free meal at Real Food Daily, Santa Monica

Nut butter full of different types of nuts - apparently is super healthy - didn't try it yet though

Chia Snack - perfect for to eat on the go

Hemp Protein - the most neutral tasting protein powder! What are your thoughts on it? Which one would you recommend? :)

Bobo's Oat Bars sale :D

Kyerito at Kye's - vegan and gluten-free burrito!

Smoothie Bowl - recipe is here

Healthy coconut snack - [you can buy it here]

Found another healthy snack in Whole Foods


This tart was pretty good!

But this chocolate tart was even better!

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