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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Food Diary #5 - Eating vegan and gluten-free in Los Angeles

It's time for another weekly food diary! Would you like to see more ideas for healthy, vegan and gluten-free meals? Check it out :)

I love these bars! Can you tell? ;)

I wanted to try all the flavors that were available so yeah.. wish me lack! :)

I made raw, vegan, glutenfree, paleo tiramisu! My first try and it was pretty good!

I will post a recipe soon

Delicious paleo version of my smoothie bowl [link]

Berry Cobbler at Cafe Gratitude

My boyfriend knows what I like the most ;) He brought me my favorite smoothie from Sunlife!

Pitaya bowl

Raw vegan chocolate cake - it was super good!

Stale chocolate.. I didn't like it ;)

Amy's has some good glutenfree and vegan wraps, but this wasn't the one.. I didn't like it.

Btw here is the trick for you! If you want your frozen burrito taste better - make sure to cover it with a wet cloth and then put in the microwave as usual

I made mashed cauliflower with spices - it was pretty good!

Apple sauce

Vegan cream cheese - not so bad, the consistency could be better though

Brownies at Cafe Gratitude - FAIL! It was super bad ;)

I loved the cashew ice cream though!

This wasn't good either.

But my eggplant parmesan is always awesome :)

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