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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Last month through the lens | March 2016

March through my iPhone...

Another beautiful day in LA

Farmer's Market and super expensive strawberries for $22

My favorite type of kale for salad

Frozen bananas - the best thing ever!

Lovely morning in Santa Monica :)

3rd Street

Sea Lion :)

Since we tried the alkaline water we didn't go back to the normal one! This is so much healthier and tastier :)



Flying to Austin :)


So much legroom - that's rare ;)

Airport in Austin, TX

I tried all of these and the best one was definitely the lavender one, but I still prefer the iHerb toothpaste


I burnt myself again... Hair tools are dangerous! ;)

Weather in my fav places :)

It suppose to be the biggest Whole Foods in States but it wasn't... I was so disappointed ;)

Downtown Austin

We came here to buy Dandy Blend since it was the only one place in Austin which offered it. Unfortunately we didn't know that we would have to pay over $10 more than on iHerb...

My love preparing the Dandy Blend for us :)

We decided to try famous food trucks - vegan food truck was a disappointment - food was super bad...

Now I have two similar bruises on both hands :/


Such a beautiful building


Spoiled cat

Lovely packaging, but I still prefer the alkaline water ;)

Flight back from Austin to LA...

Rainy Austin

I never shop in the store since I discovered Ebates! This time though I was helping my boyfriend buy some clothes :)

I love them! So filling and good for you :)

Bobo's Oat Bar Ingredients

I love the smell of these cosmetics - the Ginger line smells like Coke lollipops by Chupa Chups!

Check out the ingredients

I used it also on my hair :)

Cafe Gratitude

El Nino in Los Angeles

Vegan and gluten-free goodies

Lots of fruits!

Organic strawberries - so good!

iHerb haul :)

Super cute shoes from Sam Edelman

Tesla :)

Loving my new hair care!

He is so cute :)

Bouldering in LA at LA Boulders

The best Almond Milk Chai Tea at Blacktop Cafe


New Sonix iPhone case!

Something for me :)

Downtown LA



Spring in LA :)

My cute lifefactory bottle :)

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