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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What to buy at Costco? Organic Paleo Healthy Products at Costco!

List of the Best Paleo Products you can buy at Costco! I love buying good quality stuff and I also love saving money so Costco is pretty great place for me ;) On my recent trip to Costco I decided take some photos and prepare a list of stuff worth buying at this huge warehouse store chain. 
I also have few tips for you how to buy at Costco without membership to save extra money!

 lb. Organic Bananas: $1.99

2 lb. Fresh Dates: $8.99

4 lb. Kiwi: $6.49

5 lb. Organic Wild Frozen Blueberries: $11.89

1 liter Avocado Oil: $9.49


Himalayan Sea Salt: $7.79

Organic Sesame Tahini and Ghee Butter

3 lb. Almond Flour: $14.99

3 lb. Coconut Sugar, Madhava: $7.99

Organic Superfood Blend: $17.99

24oz. Hemp Seeds: $14.79 
32oz. Chia Seeds Nutivia: $7.39

Organic Quinoa: $11.49

Sun Dried Tomatoes: $9.59

I know it's not paleo but it's pretty good deal for these Crest WhiteStrips

BarkThins: 20 oz $6.99

Fake barkThins ;)

$11.99 for 2 lb. Bouchard Belgian Dark Chocolate

Organic Meats

Not a food item, but they have Vitamix in pretty good price... so if you're consider getting one maybe it's worth getting a membership ;) The KitchenAid Bowl Lift Stand Mixer is $269.99 at Costco.

If you don't have time looking at pictures then here is the list of all the items worth buying.

My Costco Paleo Shopping List:

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Section:
32 oz. Organic Strawberries: $4.79
32 oz. Organic Blueberries: $7.99
12 oz. Organic Raspberries: $4.99
12 oz. Organic Blackberries: $4.99
3 lb. Organic Bananas: $1.99
2 lb. Fresh Dates: $8.99
4 lb. Organic Red Seedless Grapes: $7.49
4 lb. Organic Plums: $6.99
32 oz. Organic Heirloom Tomatoes: $5.99
1 lb. Organic Lemons: $8.99
Organic Romaine Hearts, Earthbound Farm: $3.79
16 oz. Organic Baby Spinach: 4.79
1 lb. Organic Spring Mix: 4.99
3.5 lb. Organic Summer Squash: $6.99
Chopped Cauliflower: $4.29
4 ct. 1 lb. Organic Broccoli: $6.49
35.2 oz. Beets: $7.99
10 lb. Organic Carrots: $4.79
6 ct. Avocados (in a mesh bag): $4.99
20 ct Individual Organic Guacamole Packs, Wholly Guacamole: $10.99

Frozen Fruit, Vegetables, Meat Section:
3 lb. Frozen Organic Berries: $10.89
5 lb. Organic Wild Frozen Blueberries: $11.89
3 lb. Organic Frozen Blueberries: $10.99
4 lb. Organic Frozen Strawberries: $9.79
10 ct. The Sambazon Organic Acai Superfruit Pack: $11.89
4 lb. The Kirkland Signature Pineapple Chunks: $6.59
3 lb. Organic Super Fruit Blend: $10.49
4 lb. Organic Frozen Mango Chunks: $11.69
3 lb. Organic Frozen Dark Tart Cherries: $8.99
1 lb. Frozen Organic Broccoli: $5.99
5.5 lb. Organic Frozen Normandy Vegetables: $8.79
6.5 lb. Organic Sweet Potatoes: $6.49
2 lb. The Taylor Farms Organic Cauliflower Rice: $3.79

Eggs, Butter and Meats Section:
1 dozen Organic Pasture Raised Eggs: $6.29
5 dozen Organic Cage Free Eggs: $15.79
3 ct. 8oz bars Kerrygold Butter: $6.79 (1 ct: $2.26)
4 lb. Organic Ground Beef: $19.99
32 oz. Organic Ground Turkey: $14.99
1 lb. Organic Chicken: $2.49
3 lb. Aidells Sausage: $13.49

1 liter Avocado Oil: $9.49
1 liter Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $12.99
2 liters Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kirkland: $15.99
84 oz. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: $19.99

Sweets, Cooking and Baking Stuff:
1 liter Organic Maple Syrup: $13.99
3 lb. Blanched Almond Flour: $17.99
28 oz. Organic Dried Mangoes: $17.99
28 oz. Organic Pitted Dates: $8.59
14 oz. Brownie Coco-Roons: $8.99
16 oz. The Barnana Organic Dark Chocolate Banana Bites: $9.99
13 oz. Himalayan Pink Salt: $3.99
25 oz. Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed: $7.09
26 oz. The Bonne Maman Apricot Raspberry Preserves: $5.99
3 ct. Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Honey: $14.99
4.5 lb. The Kirkland Signature Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips: $9.79
6 ct. 13.66 oz. The Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk: $9.99

Coconut Sugar:
4 lb. Organic Coconut Sugar, Nutivia: $10.69
3 lb. Coconut Sugar, Madhava: $7.99
4 lb. Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar: $9.69

Nuts and Nut Butters:
32 oz. Organic Dry Roasted & Salted Cashews: $13.99
24 oz. Organic California Almonds: $17.49
48 oz. Whole Almonds: $12.79
24 oz. Macadamia Nuts:  $17.69
2.5 lb. Dry Roasted Almonds: $16.99
2 lb. Organic Walnuts: $18.99
48 oz. Pistachios: $15.79
1.5 lb. Organic Pine Nuts: $21.79
27 oz. Creamy Almond Butter: $11.49

Other Section:
8 ct. Natural Canned Black Olives: $10.59
6 ct. Canned Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon: $12.99
6 ct. 3.75 oz. Wild Planet Wild Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil: $9.99
6 ct. 5oz cans Wild Alaskan Tuna: $14.99
10, .6 oz. packs Organic Roasted Seaweed: $8.69
4 ct. 16 oz. bottles Organic Raw Coconut Water: $15.79
6 ct. 32 oz. Organic Chicken Stock: $10.99
170 oz. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Laundry Detergent: $16.99
(not Paleo, but GF) 2.2 lb The Gogo Organic Gluten-free Quinoa Macaroni: $7.99

How to buy at Costco without membership?

If you want to read more about how to buy at Costco without membership check out this post here! I gave few tips which will help you save some more $$ and listed more items you can get at Costco without even leaving your home. 

One of the tips is to buy stuff at Costco through Instacart
Customers - with or without a Costco membership - may order from Costco on

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