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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The best natural Roll-On Deodorant I've ever used! Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant Review

My review of Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant after few years of using it and also testing other brands of natural deodorants.

This is definitely the best natural deodorant I've ever used! I have tried many natural deodorants without aluminium chlorohydrate and other harmful or toxic ingredients in it, but none of them lasts for more than a few hours. Even Schmidt's Natural Deodorant let me down - stained my shirts super badly, scent wasn't strong enough and it was hard to use.
What's important - this deodorant WORKS great! I love the smell of it (it's unisex - my husband also uses this deo), minimalistic packaging, natural ingredients and price. It lasts really long time - you don't need to apply a lot of it. There's no need to reapply during the day. Lasts at least 12-16 h, even when I sweat (gym, running, yoga etc). Another plus - doesn't leave white residue on dark clothes and doesn't stain white shirts yellow!
Highly recommended to everyone!

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