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Saturday, July 14, 2018

HOW TO: Brazilian Blowout / Keratin Treatment At Home! | Step by Step, Tips

I'm doing the Keratin Treatment/Brazilian Blowout at Home! This my my guide STEP BY STEP. You can easily do it by yourself - you don't need a second person to help you. I love the results and for sure will do this treatment again! I have naturally curly hair (2c) and super frizzy hair. 

Click below to see the video.

Links to everything I mentioned are available here: [link].

Keratin Treatment at Home in steps:


applying the keratin treatment

after waiting 60 minutes with the keratin treatment on


after straightening

after washing my hair for the first time after the keratin treatment (you can see my excitement, right? ;)

happy girl :)

week after (you can see I didn't do a good job on the back of my hair ;)

// Products I used:
▸ Wash N' Go Keratin Treatment by Keratin Research (keratin + clarifying shampoo + hair mask) -

▸ Stronger Keratin -

▸ Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer - / / 

// Keratin Treatment in Steps:
▸ 1st step:
Clarifying Shampoo
- wash hair with a clarifying shampoo
- this will enable the opening of the cuticles
- don't use conditioner
- wash 2-3 times for better results, 
any oils or conditioner left 
on the hair may affect the treatment
- rinse well and blow dry

▸ Must Have:
- clarifying shampoo
- keratin product
- flat iron
- blow dryer
- applicator brush
- round brush, paddle brush or brush hair dryer
- wide-tooth comb
- hair clips
- mixing bowl
- hair mask

▸ 2. Blow Dry
- brush your hair and blow-dry
- you will notice it's hard to comb through 
and that's normal, it means 
the clarifying shampoo was effective

▸ 3. Separate
- comb and separate 
hair into 3 sections: 
left, right and back

▸ 4. Apply Keratin
- start applying the treatment 
from the bottom of your hair 
- start with the back section
- apply about 1 centimeter from the root 
and stop half way from the hair shaft, 
then use a fine comb to spread 
the product evenly
- make sure that the hair is evenly 
saturated and remove the excess product

▸ Remember:
- it is extremely important that 
all of your hair is 
completely covered with the product 
- product must be evenly 
distributed throughout the hair
 before proceeding to the next step
- comb through, using the fine toothed comb
- excess product should be combed out 
of the hair and removed

▸ 5. Leave it in
- leave the product 
for 30-60 minutes 

▸ 6. Blow Dry
- blows-dry your hair 100% dry
using medium/high heat
- you may use a brush to 
make it easier for the next step 
of straightening 

▸ 7. Separate
- comb and separate 
hair into 3 sections: 
left, right and back

▸ 8. Straighten
- use a flat iron at 435-450°F (220-232°C) 
to straighten your hair
- to make it easier you can 
use heat resistance comb
- move the iron slowly from scalp to hair ends
- make sure the ends are smooth and straight
- go over the same section several times 
until there is almost no fumes 
- it may take 5-12 times to seal the 
keratin into the cuticle
- do not over do it since 
you can burn the hair

▸ 9. Wash It Off
- wait 10-30 min after straightening
 or blow dry with cold air 
- you can also wait overnight 
for better results
- wash your hair with SLS-free shampoo
- people with very curly hair shouldn't 
wash their hair for 3 days

▸ 10. Maintenance
- use only SLS-free shampoo & conditioner
- pick moisturizing shampoo and 
conditioner to keep your healthy and 
straight hair for longer period
- don't use products containing alcohol
or silicones

a month after (still amazing results)

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