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Friday, December 14, 2018

Live laser eye surgery | ReLEx SMILE | My experience

In this video you will see me having laser eye surgery. Professor Marcin Smorawski (Optegra clinic in Warsaw, Poland/Warszawa, Polska) performs a ReLEx SMILE Lentivu (small incision lenticule extraction). It's a new generation laser eye surgery procedure - keyhole type of LASIK procedure. Filmed in real-time to demonstrate the full procedure. 

Click below to see the video.

Links to everything I mentioned are available here: [link].

MY FULL REVIEW OF RELEX SMILE: (ReLEx SMILE LASIK Experience | Review After 2 Years)

Difference between LASIK and ReLEx SMILE:
Carl Zeiss Meditec Visumax femtosecond makes it the only femtosecond laser is accurate enough to perform laser eye surgery through a keyhole incision in the cornea without the need for creating a flap and disruption of the corneal nerves and tearfilm that results from flap creation in the standard LASIK technique. 

My thoughts on the ReLEx SMILE eye surgery:
The device had contact with my eye for less than 40 seconds with extremely low contract force - I didn't feel it.

Through the whole procedure I was awake and didn't feel any pain. I felt effectively nothing and there was no red spots left behind. 

ReLEx smile surgery has been shown to have higher accuracy than older laser eye surgery techniques, like PRK and LASK, especially for higher prescriptions. 

I had short-sightedness -4.50 D (diopter) and I also had astigmatism of 0.75 D on my left and right eye.

How much does this surgery cost?
About 3500 PLN/one eye

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  1. SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, and is a bladeless procedure which is minimally invasive.
    In the SMILE procedure, the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to create a small, lens-shaped bit of tissue within the cornea and removes it.

    for more information visit