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Watch This Before You Drop Your Car Off At Tesla Service!

Earlier this year, I received my car back from Tesla's service center with an extra bonus I didn't pay for. Paint drips all over my car seats and a nasty smell in HVAC. I was able to clean up the paint inside of my car myself, but the issue with the odor persisted. Tesla quoted me for over $200 to replace the cabin filter and sanitize the AC vents - without a guarantee that the problem will be fixed.  #teslaservice #teslamodel3 #teslaissues

Watch Before You Decide To Tint Your Tesla Model 3 | Suntek 30% vs 80%

Sharing tips and details on what you need to know before you decide to tint your Tesla Model 3. What would I change? Was 80% windshield and 30% all around a good choice?