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My Portable Washing Machine - Is It Still Worth It? | 3 MONTH REVIEW

I bought this Portable Washing Machine over 3 months ago and this is my full review! Do I still think buying this Black+Decker BPWM09W portable washing machine was the best decision I made?

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My Portable Washing Machine - Do I still love it? | 3 MONTH REVIEW

How I Financed My Tesla Model 3 in 2019

Sharing my experience on how I financed my Tesla Model 3 in 2019. It wasn't easy for me to get a good rate or even get a loan in general since I have no credit history (started building it just a few months ago). This is how I got a loan for my Model 3 with 3.75 APR - the best rate available at the moment.

KERATIN TREATMENT at Home for Straight Smooth Shiny Frizz Free Hair! 100% Results For Months!

In this video, I'm sharing how to do Keratin Treatment at home! This method is super easy and effective. Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment is very effective to get your hair straight, smooth, shiny and strong. This method works amazing for damaged and unmanageable hair. Follow instructions in this video for best results and share your experience with me! I have naturally curly hair (2c type) and super frizzy hair. 

Everything That's Wrong With My Tesla Model 3 | Factory Defects & Quality Problems

Sharing factory defects which I found on my brand new Tesla Model 3 2019 and experience with Tesla Service. A lot of you asked for this video so it's finally here! Did Tesla fix all the issues I had with my Model 3? Would I still recommend getting a Tesla? How did they treat me at the Tesla Service and what to expect! 

The truth about Tesla Return Policy | Why you should NOT return your Tesla!

Sharing my thoughts on returning a Tesla Model 3. Tesla Return Policy states that you can return your Tesla for a full refund within 7 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first. How does it work? How long will you have to wait for a refund? Can you get another car while waiting for a refund from Tesla? 

I TRIED Paula's Choice Vitamin C Serum FOR 2 WEEKS! | BEFORE & AFTER | C15 Super Booster Review

This is the ONLY Vitamin C Serum that has worked so well. This product worked from day one. My skin already on the next day was firmer and smoother. Blemishes faded faster and pigmentation reduced! It's been 2 weeks and you can compare the results yourself!

The Best PORTABLE Mini Dryer! | 1 Month Review | Panda PAN760SFT Laundry For a Small Home

I got my portable mini dryer over a month ago! That's the best portable dryer I could find online. No more laundromat, now I have mini washer and dryer at home :) Buying this Panda PAN760SFT portable washing dryer was such a good decision! See the whole video for a demo and my full review!

3 Reasons Why I Prefer Model 3 over Model S!

Model S was my dream car, but after driving Model 3 I changed my mind! Why do I prefer Model 3 over Model S? Watch to find out :)

Better than Dyson or Chinese knockoff?! Testing $100 Vacuum from Gearbest!

Tesla Service Appointment | What you need to know! What to Expect at Tesla Service Centers

Tesla Service Experience! What do you need to do before the service appointment? How to prepare for the Tesla Service Appointment? Do you get a loaner? What do you need to do on the delivery day?