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I TRIED Paula's Choice Vitamin C Serum FOR 2 WEEKS! | BEFORE & AFTER | C15 Super Booster Review

This is the ONLY Vitamin C Serum that has worked so well. This product worked from day one. My skin already on the next day was firmer and smoother. Blemishes faded faster and pigmentation reduced! It's been 2 weeks and you can compare the results yourself!

The Best PORTABLE Mini Dryer! | 1 Month Review | Panda PAN760SFT Laundry For a Small Home

I got my portable mini dryer over a month ago! That's the best portable dryer I could find online. No more laundromat, now I have mini washer and dryer at home :) Buying this Panda PAN760SFT portable washing dryer was such a good decision! See the whole video for a demo and my full review!

3 Reasons Why I Prefer Model 3 over Model S!

Model S was my dream car, but after driving Model 3 I changed my mind! Why do I prefer Model 3 over Model S? Watch to find out :)

Better than Dyson or Chinese knockoff?! Testing $100 Vacuum from Gearbest!

Tesla Service Appointment | What you need to know! What to Expect at Tesla Service Centers

Tesla Service Experience! What do you need to do before the service appointment? How to prepare for the Tesla Service Appointment? Do you get a loaner? What do you need to do on the delivery day?

I bought a Tesla Model 3 in 2019 | Do I regret it?

Sharing my thoughts on buying a Tesla Model 3 in  2019. Do I regret not waiting and getting my Model 3 Mid Range in February 2019? Was it a good decision? Why did I lose so much money on this purchase? Which Tesla Model 3 would I pick today? Model 3 Standard, Standard Plus, Long Range or AWL Long Range, maybe Performance? What did Tesla do wrong? 

Get 1000 Miles of Free Supercharging!

If you're looking into buying a Tesla then you can use my code to get 1000 miles of free supercharging!

Tesla Is Bringing Back 2019 Referral Program! | What do you need to know?

On March 21st Tesla decided to bring back Referral Program To Win Model Y And Roadster!

Portable Washing Machine: How much laundry does it fit?

If you are wondering if a portable washing machine is gonna work for you then I hope this video will be helpful! I usually do laundry for 2 people + our dog twice a week and this is how much much washer can fit.

How to get Global Entry for FREE in less than 7 days! | Tips & Tricks for Applying