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The NEW Sony ZV-1 vs Sony RX100V | Perfect vlogging camera

This is my honest review of the NEW Sony ZV-1! My full comparison between Sony ZV-1 and Sony RX100V and demo! It's been almost a month since I started using it, and I wanted to share my thoughts! What are the features I like the most? Is it worth buying? What do you think of the audio quality? Is it better on ZV-1? 

PORTABLE WASHER Q&A: Does your faucet stay on while you’re doing laundry?

"While you’re doing laundry does your faucet stay on? Or do you turn it on and off throughout rinse cycles?" "Did you keep the faucet on throughout the whole wash?" "Do I leave the hose connected to the cold inlet when I store the washer or do I need to disconnect it each time I do? Thanks in advance :)" "Hi Julia! Thanks for sharing , just wanted to know if you have to wait until the water is finished filling up the machine then turn the faucet off or do you just leave the faucet on and the machine has internal water shut off / turn on feature?"

How To Get Rid Of Pilling On Clothes | The Best Sweater Shaver

This is my honest review of Beautural Fabric Shaver And Lint Remover. See the demo, before and after clips! It's been over a year since I started using it and I wanted to share my results! Does it work? Is it worth buying? 

How to Remove Soap Scum From Shower in less than 3 minutes - No Scrubbing!

Hack to clean soap scum in just a few minutes! This is my honest review of Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover. Check out before and after video clips for results. What are the pros and cons of this product? Is it worth buying? Does it work? 

Revlon One Step - 1 Year Review | Stop The Damage!

For over a year I've been using the Revlon One Step hair dryer and volumizer tool. This is my honest review of that hairdryer. My full comparison and demo! 


It's been 3 months since I started using Braun Silk Expert IPL to get rid of unwanted hair that keeps growing back after multiple laser hair removal treatments with Vectus and Thunder MT lasers. I share my tips on using the IPL device, how to prepare for treatment, what protective glasses to get, how long it's going to take to see the results, and my first impressions! Does it hurt as much as a laser hair removal at the salon? Watch to find out! 

Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush | 3 Month Review

This is my honest review and comparison of Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer, Revlon One Step, and Dyson Airwrap! I tested all of the hair tools on my naturally curly hair. Drybar Double Shot hair dryer costs $150. Dyson Airwrap costs $500-550 (depending on a number of attachments). Revlon One Step Volumizer and Styler retails for $59 (currently on sale for $35). Is Dyson AirWrap really Worth It? Are they the same? My full comparison and demo! 

HOW TO REMOVE SKIN TAGS IN 5 MINUTES | Does Claritag Work? My Honest Review

Sharing my method on removing skin tags naturally, painlessly and effectively at home in less than 5 minutes! I tested it on my own skin (skin tags) and I can confidently say it does work!! This is my honest review of Claritag Skin Tag Removal Device. 

Chemical Guys HydroSlick Si02 Infused Hyper Wax That Works!

This is my honest review of the Chemical Guys HydroSlick Si02 Infused Hyper Wax. It's been over 6 months since I applied it and wanted to share my results! Does it work? Is it long-lasting? How difficult is the application process? Is it worth it? Tested on my Tesla Model 3 and my husband's Camry! 

The Best PORTABLE Mini Dryer! | 1 Year Review | Panda PAN760SFT Laundry For a Small Home

I got my portable mini dryer over a month ago! That's the best portable dryer I could find online. No more laundromat, now I have a mini washer and dryer at home :) Buying this Panda PAN760SFT portable washing dryer was such a good decision! See the whole video for a demo and my full review!