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Birkenstock Soft Footbed vs Regular Footbed | 'Salina' vs 'Florida'

Which Birkenstock are better? Soft Footbed or Regular Footbed? Sharing my experience! Do they wear in? Are they comfortable? Which size to choose? If you're new to Birkenstocks and you're wondering which model to choose then keep watching! 

No-Heat Curls in Minutes | Testing Amazon $12 Hair Rollers

Today I'm testing these funny looking hair rollers from Amazon for only $12! Whenever I see one of these weird looking hair rollers I always wonder if it's gonna work on my hair so I decided to test it out! Here's my review of these Night Sleep Foam Hair Curler Rollers! 

The BEST Budget Projector For 2019! | Under $100

In this video I show you the best quality budget projector available on Amazon! I'm testing it out, showing you a demo and reviewing it. The Budget Projectors like this one are good for watching movies, work presentations and playing games. 

Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water | HOW TO APPLY | Results + Review

In this video I show you how I apply the Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Water in Light. Sharing some useful tips and results! 

How To Keep Blinds From Clattering In The Wind

How to quieten those noisy blinds on a door or a window? Here is my trick! As usual I decided to use something I already had on hand. Quick, cheap and easy! And it works! 
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Cheap Monitor for Sony A7iii - Feelworld F6 | Small HD Copy | Unboxing, Demo, Review

I'm reviewing this new Feelworld F6 monitor to use with my Sony A7iii so I can setup my shots better and also see myself when filming the videos. I'm so impressed with this cheap monitor. I got it for less than $200 and it's money well spent! It's my new favorite budget monitor for my DSLR. If you have questions, leave them below! 
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How To Attach Shoulder Strap - Sony A7 IV | A7C | A7r III | A7 III | Alpha A9 | A6500 | A6400 | A6300 | A6000

In this video I'm showing you step by step how to attach shoulder strap on Sony A7r III, A7 III, Alpha A9, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6000. This is a video on attaching shoulder strap on the sony cameras, such as a7iii, alpha a6000, a5100 etc. 
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I scuffed my Tesla Model 3 😱 How I fixed it myself in 5 minutes! DIY

Sharing how I removed Paint Scuffs (Paint Transfer) on my car. Safely remove paint transfer from your car's paintwork without causing any damage to the paint underneath.